The UltimateTop 10 Weight Loss Tips Ever!

Number 10

Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach!

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One massive tip that got me kick started to losing weight was to never shop when hungry as the temptation to buy crap food is strengthened 11 fold.

I personally have a HUGE weakness against Samboy tomato potato chips. After they lure me into the chip isle with their bright solid red packaging  there is no way I am escaping the grip of their crunchy, salty claws on an empty stomach.

Number 9

If you don’t buy it at the supermarket it can’t tempt you at home!


Sounds simple and it’s another shopping tip to follow on from number 10, but it really is a case of out of sight out of mind.

If you are strong at the shops and avoid stocking up on junk food, it can meant the difference between opening the fridge staring at a bowl chicken n salad in silence before closing it again, or the mindless inhaling of a whole pack of TimTams and hating yourself in the morning.



Number 8

Brush yo teeth!


Ever wondered why orange juice tastes like arse after brushing your teeth? It is because the toothpaste has some stuff in it called sodium laureth sulfate which covers the sweet receptors on your tongue.


Orange Juice – Sugar = Arse.

So brushing after meals is a good way to prevent further unnecessary eating, as when things don’t taste so crash hot you will be more likely to not want to eat them. Oh yeah..  it’s also good dental hygiene practice.