What does 300 Calories look like?

This is what 300 calories (1255 kilojoules) looks like. I decided to do it based on a standard Magnum ice cream which I am sure most people would definitely know!
They are normally around 1255 kilojoules or the nice round number of 300 calories.

In some photos you might see a dollar coin which is just for scale.

People often over estimate or under estimate how much energy is in these types of foods but these photos give you a nice visual representation of how much or little it really can be! This shows how important food choice is to feeling full while reducing how much energy you intake. Given that an average active female would need around 1600 Cal (6700kJ) and an average active male would need 2000 Cal  (8400kJ) you can see that 300 cal can take up a large chunk of your daily intake!