Free Starter Package

They say the hardest part of working out is that first step of simply putting on your training shoes. So I have developed an easy way to get started with a FREE starter package for first time clients .

This lets you meet me, try out my training to see if you like it and then you decide if you whether you would like to continue.

All you need to do is either fill out the entry form or simply contact me and we will book you in, you are also certainly welcome to bring a friend or family member to try out with you.

Email: or Phone: 0422 260 723 

*The Starter Package includes:

-It is an hour long double session

-Includes a fitness evaluation test to see what level you start at and then we can deliver the best program that suits you best

-A consultation with me to work out your goals, providing helpful nutritional tips and strategies to implement at home, as well explaining my workout methods and pricing and to answer any questions you may have

-A bonus full workout 30 minute session to be scheduled on another day during that week to see the full experience.

-Only available for first time customers, and please feel free to bring a family or friend at the same time if you would like to start your journey together.