Privacy policy:
Personal information is information or details provided by an individual’s identity. The nature of personal information collected by PhotoFit generally but not exclusively comprises an individual’s name and contact details (including address, phone and e-mail).
PhotoFit also collects other types of personal information from time to time (eg. credit card details), and will inform you upon collecting such information the purpose for which it is being collected.

PhotoFit will generally collect personal information from the individual directly. For example, PhotoFit may collect personal information via telephone or letter, or when the individual attends a promotional event eg: trade show, call centre activity

PhotoFit will use and disclose your personal information for the purpose for which the personal information was initially collected.

PhotoFit will retain your personal information within Australia and not use or disclose it overseas.

PhotoFit may also use that personal information for a purpose related to the initial purpose of collection if that other purpose would be within your reasonable expectations. Related purposes might include for example consumer research, cross promotions and such, adding your name to a contact list, guest list or invitation list which may be of benefit or interest to you.
PhotoFit will not use or disclose your personal information for any other purposes without first obtaining your express or implied consent. PhotoFit may however be required to disclose your personal information without your consent if the disclosure is:

  1. or authorized by law;
  2. required by an enforcement body for investigative activities;
  3. required in order to investigate an unlawful activity; or
  4. necessary to prevent a serious and imminent threat to a person’s life, health or safety, or to public health or safety.

PhotoFit’s objective is to ensure that all personal information collected by PhotoFit is accurate, complete and up-to-date. Please call Ph:04222 60723 or email me at if any of your details change. Further, if you believe that the information PhotoFit holds is not accurate, complete or up-to-date, please contact PhotoFit in order to have the information corrected.

PhotoFit is committed to keeping your personal information secure, and we will take all reasonable precautions to protect your personal information from unauthorised access, loss, misuse or alteration.
Your personal information may be stored in hard copy documents, or electronically on PhotoFit’s software or systems.
PhotoFit maintains physical security over its paper and electronic data stores, such as locks and security systems. PhotoFit also maintains computer and network security using passwords to control and restrict access to authorised staff for approved purposes.

PhotoFit may change this Policy from time to time for any reason and will update the Policy accordingly

Cancellation policy:All cancellations must be received at least 12 hours before your training session in order to avoid being charged for your session. Clients who do not cancel with 12 hours notice will be charged for the cancelled session.

PhotoFit understands that emergencies happen. We provide every client with one free short-notice cancellation. You will not be charged for your first cancellation with less than 12 hour notice. Subsequent short-notice cancellations will be charged for the session. The free short-notice cancellation only applies if PhotoFit is notified prior to the session start time. If you fail to notify PhotoFit before the appointment you will not be eligible for the free cancellation.

If you need to cancel a session, please call:0422 260 723

Personal Trainers will only wait 15 minutes for late arrivals after that you will be charged for that session without training. If you are within 15 minutes of the appointed starting time the training will continue but will still end at the original allocated finishing time, as to respect the following clients scheduled after your session.

Payment policy:Payment must be paid before any training session, if payment is not paid, you will not receive training.

Refund Policy:If you purchase a package and cannot finish the sessions due to health issues, you are eligible for a refund for unused sessions. This refund is based upon the approval from the Personal Trainer. If you choose not to continue your personal training for any reason, you will forfeit the rest of that fortnights sessions.

Expiration policy:
As you are charged either fortnightly or monthly based on sessions per week, up to 2 sessions a week are able to be carried over to the following week, otherwise those sessions will have expired and will be forfeited.

Inner cotton gloves/hand wraps policy:
For any boxing exercise all clients are required to have a pair of inners or hand wraps. Because I am sure nobody likes using stinky sweaty gloves, all new clients will be given a free pair of inners from the instructor keep, any extra inners required after that will cost $5 per pair. Clients are free to purchase their own inners or hand wraps from a retail outlet if they so choose. Inners/hand wraps are important because they:

  • Help promote more hygienic gloves and focus pads
  • Help protect the gloves from any scratches/cuts and potential bleeding from the skin
  • Help protect your skin from abrasions from friction of rubbing against the leather
  • Help protect the life of the gloves and focus pads that are provided for clients to use in sessions
  • Are easy to wash and dry for reuse

Photography policy:
The offered photo shoot location must be within the Perth Metropolitan area, for locations outside an extra travel fee will apply. All photo shoots have to be booked at least 7 days in advance, and any rescheduled photo shoot will require an additional session fee. I also reserve the right to re-schedule a session due to illness, emergency, inclement weather, etc.
All photography taken is copyright and property to Leigh Bebb, however, images will not be used for advertising, marketing, etc. unless permission is attained from the client.

tl;dr – I will keep your details and info safe and won’t flog them off for magic beans or anything stupid like that.