Concerned about starting a new workout routine at an older age? Well, you’re not alone! Many people over the age of 50 are hesitant to start exercising as they feel they are “too old” or afraid that the exercises will be too difficult, but truth is, you have to start slowly and build up with appropriate and safely guided strength and resistance training. This will vastly improve your quality of day to day life, as you start building and retaining muscle strength and bone density.

I have had a lot of experience training older clients, and even thought some maybe a little unsure in the beginning, every single one of them agrees it has been a fantastic investment in their health.

Regular exercises not only strengthen bones and muscles, it also reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and arthritis. Plus, exercise is great for mental health, reducing stress and anxiety, and improving overall mood and wellbeing.

Outside of training with me, it is good to focus on low-impact exercises such as walking, swimming, and cycling, and remember it is good to warm up with dynamic stretching and warm ups to  prevent injury and improve mobility and flexibility.

It’s also important to listen to your body and we will adjust your routine as needed and remember, consistency is key!

So, don’t let age hold you back! With a little bit of effort and determination, you can improve your health and fitness at any age. Get started today and enjoy the many benefits of regular exercise.